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- i like to start interviews with basic introduction about you with more biography details

My name is Didac P. Lagarriga, I was born in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 1976 but I'm living in Barcelona since 1980. I started sound projects in 1994, covering radio, releases, promotion, organization, dj and production. I expire the rest of the day walking and writing, publishing some of my work in books and magazines. My first novel will be out next October.

- tell us something about your label. why did you start to run label… what was the reason

I need to spread around works i love, from people i like. First i started a cd-r label called Minim, in 1997, and since 2000 oozebap was born. Is not exactly a label, just some friends spending money in projects we believe.

- do you have some particular concept in your label, first from ideological sense and than from sound perspective

Yes, i think is ideological as everything else. I mean, every act is reach of ideology, even if you needn't to be explicit. I think you don't need to print in every sleeve something about the Empire, the capitalist rules, the government... but you must think about it, and act consequently. The complexity of concepts and practices against an slogan, a banner, a sentence. oozebap is close to the everyday, and doesn't run as a business. We don't like the industry, and how some people are acting as small multinationals. Some of the labels and distributors we know seems that they are in the underground just because they haven't enough cash to be mainstream... The power of promotion, big names, stereotyped cliches... the same shit but with clicks... (clickshit???)

- you are also making music under name un caddie renverse dans l'herbe. what does that name means, what kind of music do you make under that name, if you can define it

the name means: a supermarket trolley upset on the grass... Is from a french book i was reading, and i liked the image. When you are in the supermarket everything is good, new and better than the other.. It's exactly the same when you read a music magazine, and maybe the easy, and first, thing you can do is take the trolley and renverse dans l'herbe...

- what do you use for creating your sound. is it completely electronic computer based music or you are using some other equipment, instruments…

the laptop is just something very useful for someone, like me, that is not really skillful with hands. So i use a bunch of instruments, and also i collaborate with some other musicians, and then there's some basic software to help me with the composition. But anything really complicate.

- ooze bap is cd label. what is your opinion about cdr labels and mp3 labels that are now more present and popular. is their existence excused in today's music

well, in oozebap we've got some cd-r releases, some mp3's releases.. i'm not interested in the format, is just how many money you've got to make it.. is just capitalism, you must check how much you have, how much you want to spend and how much you expect to earn... And then it becomes what we know: distribution problems, promotion..... but, what about the music?? and the ideas?

- what's happening on the music scene in spain. i know some artists and labels that are coming from there, also there is one bigger event about contemporary music - sonar festival. is that enough and is that showing that spain has developed scene and audience for such contemporary kinds of music

it's difficult to talk about Spain as an homogenized place. In fact Spain doesn't exist... So there's barcelona, where a lot of things happens, and then people spread around the geography, making nice things. If you thing in a scene, you must thing in radios, magazines, clubs, labels, audience... and maybe in the last 3 years all these elements are increasing, but i'm not sure if we can already speak about a scene.

- from design of your releases can be seen that you are paying attention of design of covers. how important is design of releases except music according to you

I like oozebap because everyone who is involved is a good friend, so the design of our releases is just the work of one of the best designer that actually you can find in town (http://www.idealword.org). But what i like is not the surface but how he understood our ideas.

- which are your favorite labels… that could possibly influent your work… maybe even indirect

A lot but i prefer talking about places more than labels. In my opinion some sub-saharian people are making one of the best music in the planet. What excites me is their constant imagination and capacity to mix influences. I'm also a big fan of course of some new brazilian music, gamelan music and all the amazing music i still don't know. And that's the nice thing about to be outside the hype (even in the clicky undernoise freakstylers), a daily discover that changes your life.

- from your attitude in answers before i can see that you are some kind of angry of new trend in clicks n cuts/click house music. I can also see answers to that question but what are reasons for that attitude

i'm not angry. i'm just not interested in what some people make to earn quickly a bunch of respect/money
about the genre and methodology, is just this, right? maybe what some years ago started as a ethic now is only an esthetic... but i'm not sure, i'm not trying to consolidate my opinions, is just a feeling. With every label i talk, i can see how many problems they have with distributors, but anybody is saying anything. we are against big problems, but what about all the small attitudes of the everyday?
i was not talking about any specific genre, because of course when you are choosing your music style you are not choosing your politic way of life, but in some sense you are; in some geographies the relation money/laptop is more clear than others... micromusic, software generated tracks, noise turning into melodies..... and everything close to the graphic design, the new media projects, a/v livesets... all the clean-proper aesthetic that sometimes i'm a bit scared... but, as i said, maybe is the context where i'm constructing the opinions. Sorry, by now i can't be more clear. Anything must be inmediate...........