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- tell us something about you just to make us a illustration who you are

well a 30 year old, soundartist, half swedish/ half norwegian, moved around a lot there tough, but I would say I'm from Stockholm, borned there and lived most of my live there. Living in Berlin since 9 months, got a nice apartment in former eastberlin, spent most of the spring renovating it tough ..
been working with electronic music since the end of the eighties, first with samplers, but started quite early to only work with computers (when they got
fast enough). released a dozen of albums plus some twelve inches around the world. Been working as organiser in Stockholm for around five years, putting on good and interesting electronic music.

- what initiate u to start mitek

I've been around for a while as well as I had been working with organizing shows etc, in Stockholm for many years before I started the mitek label. So I had a pretty god picture of all the good quality electronic music that was produced in Sweden, which never was released, mainly because the artists are to shy to send the stuff to some label or don't think anyone would appreciate it since it's hard doing it in Sweden. Anyway based on my experiences and my wish to promote these often ?young? artists in other ways than just organizing shows for them I decided to also release albums with them.

- sound on mitek is eclectic. can u define mitek sound

hmm . .I don't know, I think there's not really any specific sound style connected in the label, I would say it's rather a way of thinking sounds and experimentation. Some kind of loose idea of interetsing sounds, wich may be put together in any style, I think the mitek roster is quite wide, from pop to abstract to minimal techhouse, don't want to categorize it.

- how are you choosing projects and sounds that you are releasing on your label

It's basically stuff I like and find interesting in some way, maybe the ideas, maybe the production. As long as it has something special in it. Then it can be any style as mentioned above.

- how and when did you start making music

I begun making music in the end of the eighties, at that time I was more into the ambient industrial kind of styles .. more like the music of throbbing gristle etc. Did a couple of projects with more "dark" ambient music with releases on Staalplaat and a few other labels. These days I kind of respect what I did then, even tough I don't really enjoy the sounds, but everybody has a past and it's cool to have a documented past with early experiments.

- can you define the structure and the soundscapes in your music? what genre is it if u can tell any or describe it somehow?

From that more ambient styles I started to work with more minimal sounds and textures, was also released on staalplaat and a more "arty" swedish label called firework, was quite interesting but I got bored of the scene and styles after a while, and explored new ways of using similar sounds but in different contexts. That's how I got into what I'm doing now, introducing beats and more club like environments for my sounds. I find it interesting, as well since I don't have a background of doing club music which is in some ways so restricted to different rules, for me it's interesting to work with these formulas without these rules, since I don't know them so good as well as I don't really care about them, makes it more interesting for me and for listeners I would say, even tough it's sometimes a hard time for dj's who spin the records :-) ..

- one of my favorite questions. what are your influences. those that directly can be seen in your music and those that you take but can not be noticed directly in your music

Anything I would say, but of course lot's of other music I hear and listen to, not necessaraly music in the genres .. rather more rnb and pop stuff. like the tought of combining those ideas with what I'm doing. Books maybe, I don't really think about this when I do songs, so.

- tell us somethigng about your relation with force inc. and will your next album be released on that label

I have so far done two albums for them, (reduce + ena). at the moment there are nothing planned to be released there.. will see about the future , it's a nice label so would be cool to release something more further on.

- what's the difference between music you are releasing under your name and the one under vita

The basic different is that with Vita I try to be less minimal as well as more uptempo, more clubbased. Usually when I play club gigs I play Vita material. Now I'm experimenting to get in more pop influences in the Vita material, and more funk in the minimal stuff under my own name ..

- there are much good labels this days that u can believe. if u like some label and like their releases you can be sure that whatever they release in future you will like it before even listen to it. can u name few labels that u like that way and that u think will do something for music that comes

hmm .. I don't know really, there's many good lables, but I don't really like all they do ..

- music is changing fast this days. new fusions and styles are appearing every day. every artist is his own style. how and where do u see your music in future and music at all

I want to be in the gap between experimental and club, to make music wich works and has a meaning in both contexts.

- sweden has most expansive electronic/experimental scene at the moment that is growing rapidly in last couple of years. whats going on now there on that plan

The Swedish scene has been very big for many years now, specially when it comes to techno and house producers (as well a pop). The experimental scene I think has stagnated a bit the last year. There are a bunch of people who has been around for a few years now, wich still are developing and are very good. But lots of new music you hear are either very inspired by those or not really so good. Right now there's a boom of releasing compilation CD's of Swedish "Electronica" it seems like, but unfortunatly lots of the material on most of these should not been released in my opinion. But of course ther are lots of good artists as well. And hopefully there will be many more since the club scene is getting better (specially in malmo and gothenburg), so the music will get more audience.

- swedish scene with this intensive developing is becoming one of european music centers of electronic/experimental music. what's your opinion of this spreading of music scenes in more centers like austrian, german. where are concentrated more labels and artists, opposite from beginning of 90s when us or uk scene were centers. what do you think, what's the reason of this process

Maybe you can compare the Swedish scene with the Wienna scene, wich are still quite small if you compare to Germany or the UK. Seems like there are "generations" of contacts, friends etc. who make things happen, inspire each other, work together etc

- is there any particular project or aspect from swedish scene that u like and that is more interesting to you

There's many, of course the artist I release on mitek, who I admire a lot.. .. and they are only getting better and better, each time i meet them they have some brilliant new stuff produces .. so, it's looking good ..

- why did u move to berlin

I just felt that I needed to relocate and Berlin is a nice place if your'e into this buisiness.

best. mikael.