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- first and very simple (i guess) question. who is jeff surak?

Depends what you seek as an answer.

- your biography of course. this is an interview from which people can gat idea what are you working, but first who you are

I was born in washington dc, and continue to live and work here. I released my first tape in 1983, which Unsound magazine described as being a cross of Throbbing Gristle and Whitehouse. I was very active in the hometaper network of the 1980s. In the 90s I sort of dropped out of the scene for awhile, but continued to perform live and record and spent time in Germany and Russia, where i studied Film directing and played in an post industrial ensemble. In the late 90s i reconnected with alot of my early contacts and made new ones as well.

- when did you started zeromoon records and why?

It started in 2001 by chance. I wanted to set up a website to document my musical activities for the past 20 years, and made up the domain name. At the time I had several releases out on Bake Records and then I started to release my own cdrs. So I started the label and used the same name. I never had the intention to do so, its just sort of happened. In the 1980s I had a label called Watergate Tapes and released several cassettes, which now I have been re-releasing in mp3 format.
Now with zeromoon I released about 20 cds in the first year, which are now all out of print. The second phase is now focusing on small format releases, in limited editions, mp3 releases, and a few regular CDs.

- what's the concept and what can you say about the sound of zeromoon. is there any particular sound that you like to concentrate?

I would hesitate to say that I focus on any particular genre. It all focuses on music that I like. I might venture to say that my music is difficult, in that to fully enjoy it, it demands your concentration to extract what it suggests. I prefer to make a happy noise in my own idiosyncratic manner. I tend to be out of step with current trends.

- you are also involved in more music projects. under what names are u appearing and releasing. also describe the sound of each

Presently I am actively involved in 2 groups: Normal Music which deals with drones, field records set to beats, and the other project Critikal, which works in the area of abstract sounds, collage, drones, little sounds. I also work under my solo name, Violet. I have lots of other collaborations and projects, always in a state of flux such as, v., Second Violin, and old ones Ė1348- and New Carrollton.

- you are collaborating with andery kiritchenko in your project critikal, together with jonas lindgren. why did u contacted exactly this artists, and how are you realizing this project cause all three of you are on different side of the globe

Andrey invited me to work in his collaboration with Jonas, and I suggested the name Critikal. We exchange files over the internet and via regular mail. We discuss our work using ICQ. Also I have done some sound work with Andrey over the telephone.

- zeromoon is cdr and cd label. is your intention to concentrate more on cds and will you continue with releasing cdr releases?

Its hard to say how many cds I will release on the label, since there is so much more cost involved with their production. Currently I have a few planned for release, like the Normal Music album, the Andrey Kiritchenko Bees & Honey album with remixes and the Musique Concrete Ensemble remix cd. Cdrs are great fun to make and I will continue to do so, since the cost is minimal and production is instant. And they are very personal statements as well.

- what is your attitude about cdr and net labels in todays situation of uncontrollable tendency of appearing of such labels on the scene. is that just trend or real need in process of technology development

New means of distributing music is always good. But of course it has led to a glut of music. Too much being released and quite often a lot not worthy of oneís attention. And likewise some great things being made that donít get the attention that they should.

- do you have influences in your music, musical or non musical. can you list some of those that can be recognized in your music or those that you just listen and that influence you in ideological sense

Everyday life is the biggest influence. And I would say that the tools on hand determine what my music sounds like more than anything. But I do have my interests in what I like to explore and tendencies that are a reflection of who I am as a human being.

- is there any example label that you are trying to follow or maybe just look like


- what is the function of the label in relation label-artist

Having your own label means you have complete control over the creation and presentation of your own work. And you can do whatever the hell you want, which is always important.