andrey kiritchenko  [nexsound]

- maybe your bigger breakthrough was after your release on autoplate so more people heard about you after that album. can u tell us something about your past. what was happening in yr life before this release...

When I was 15 years old I started writing poetry, and as soon as I learned to play my father's guitar, I began composing my own songs. Simple rock songs about love :) Then I started a rock band which existed for 2 years and suddenly broke up. Later on, I was making music on Sinklair ZX Spectrum computer with custom software. One day in 1997 a friend of mine offered to create a radio show on our local radio, I agreed, and we did a broadcast dedicated to electronic music. After certain circumstances that had nothing to do with music, we closed it, and opened a bimonthly TV program devoted to electronic music videos and related stories about musicians. One day in 1998 I was invited to work as a dj in local Deep club, where I mixed jungle and techno stuff. Later on, when I got access to Vermona analogue synth, GM WK3, and PC, I made music that I called Sidhartha (inspired by R.Zilazni novel). This is how I have come to electronic music.

- you make music under other different names except your own. can you list the projects and describe each one?

There was Sidhartha - ambient techno project that is a closed project now and Nihil est excellence - NEX. Generally speaking it's concrete music, i play with objects from real world, and always trying to combine everything with one idea - conception. There my collaboration with with Jeff Surak and Jonas Lindgren, called Critikal. This is now, the most interesting and most exciting project i'm in cause we play on "real" acoustic instruments. I have lots of fun processing guitar, autoharp, harmonica, cello, violin etc.

- you are also running a label called nexsound. what is the sound that nexound is interested in and what is the concept of your label if there is one?

Yes, Nexsound was formed to promote the ukrainian experimental music scene. I think it deserves world-wide attention. But at the same time I will release artists who are music wise close to Nexsound.

- most of the releases on nexsound are cdrs and some mp3s, and you just started releasing cds. will you continue with cdr releases or completely switch to cds. and what do you think of today's enormous growth of cdr labels and cdr releases. is existence of cdr releases/labels and also mp3 excused in today's technologically developed conditions?

I started to release cds, firstly and mainly because there were distributing conditions. Yes, I will try to continue releasing only cds and maybe mp3s as well. Since i heard lots of very good music on cdr i don't have anything against cdr labels. I actually heard a lot of bad music on cds. As to mp3 labels - i think it's one of the best things I-net brings to the world.

- what does nexound means

sound of NEX, or maybe Notable EXtemporary Sound ? anyway, nexsound means highly recommended music :)

- do u have any favorite labels in which maybe you are looking as examples in organising, releasing...

an example of good managing and financial strategies for me is Ad Noiseam. Conceptually speaking it's Domizil and Alku. Musically speaking it's MEGO, Fallt, 12k, Ritornell.

- how can u describe the sound on 00:00 album that is released on autoplate. it is quiet unusual and completely inventive. from other side calm and melodic. i wrote in a review that is a combination between glitch and ambient to level of microsound. do u see that way on this album or can u give some particular definitions of the sound on it and definition of andrey kiritchenko sound at all

Ambient music is my element and my soft corner, I can't imagine myself without it. In addition, I always liked 4/4 minimal techno, and after some experience in Reactor I made my own drum module that uses some math and liked the result very much. On the other hand I'm trying to bring the *sound* on first place, but never forget about music and composition. I think 00.00 is not ground breaking, but I have received a lot of good feedback on this album, and still wondering why people liked it too much :) However i decided to continue with this approach in "Kniga Skazok" which will be released on Ad Noiseam in Spring 2003.
Yet I find it very enjoyable to make microsound music with ambient touches. I hope my "Bees & Honey" stuff is captivating enough and will please people's ears.

- what is happening in ukraine on a musical plane. are there any happenings there, other labels, projects...

In Ukraine, we are in a very particular financial situation - european prices for music on cds or vinyl are very expensive for average wage about $70 per month. So, it's not possible to find such music in record stores at all. Only pop-related cds licensed to ukrainian record companies re-issued here and selling for $3-$5. There is only one label called Quasi Pop besides Nexsound deals with *experimental* sort of music, but unfortunately i'm not familiar with their production.

- can u name some projects/artists that influence you, in musical sense directly, which means that can be recognised in your music and some indierctly that can be musical or non musical and can not be seen in your music

Microstoria / Oval, Andreas Tilliander, Kim Cascone, Christian Fennesz, Radian, Jim O'Rourke, Taylor Deupree.

- on the front page of nexsound site there is a sentence: satisfaction of basic musical needs in the computerized stone age. is this maybe a critic to human beings and their immanence of unstoppable satisfaction of basic needs or maybe to the era in which we r living... or maye just a constatation of reality

this sentence is a bit ironic of course, but in our times music became a product you consume...