cordell klier  [doctsect]

- who is cordell klier

I'm in my late twenties...umm....just some guy who makes lot's of music. I have about 70 releases under my belt & have participated in a ridiculous amount of compilations under various disguises within the last 12 years... not really much else to say. Boring chap really. Run a small label called DOCTSECT..blahblahblah. Oh and I'm really into comparitive studies.. everything from physics to mathematics, to philosophy to quasi-religeo-politics and socialogy all the way down to mystisicm and occultism. Right now I'm getting a real kick out of Einstien's Grand Uninfied Field theory in conjunction with Hoover's theories on the hidden telekinetic varibles via particle dispersion & ionic expansion. I guess that would make me a book worm too. :)

- what can u say about yr music..

not much to say really... I just like a whole lot of different styles, genres, corners of music/sound. I feel a great need to explore sound and the effects of sound on enviroments, etc. etc. The usualy acedemic sound art jargon..giggle.. simply music is important to me. I feel music is a great way to learn and to teach myself on how to be a better person.

- and tell us something about styles u r interested in for producing

I do everything from noise to ultra-minimalist to grim punk from dark ambient to glitch & to raw old school occultic black metal all the way down to rap & clicno to spoken word and of course power electronix... I do just about everything. I'll try it at least once if I feel I should learn from it; or if it just makes me smile when I'm listening to it then I just gotta see if I can do it too.. it sounds childish.. but it's honest.

- ... in what projects are u involved exactly under what names are u releasing

Cordell Klier
Evening Death's Reply
ephelant noon blaid
Fractal Spine
No Human Day
Odd November
Old Hands
O.rder of the W.ild L.ocust
the act of principle
under crushing wings

- u have very huge catalog on yr label, how long do u work with DOCTSECT.. you can say something about its history

it started a great number of years back. We used to be called Doctrine Insectvas back when our format mainly covered dark unconventional music. but
as things changed we changed our name to DOCTSECT and are going for a more post digital / contemporary sound.

- very eclectic sounds are released on DOCTSECT. whats the concept of the label and what are your intentions in releasing music

I think the concept is simple. To declasify and un-genere-lise the underground currents of music. To modernise all of our common goals in order to create a larger more concrete future for "odd-ball" music and the artistry that has embraced the subjects surrounding. DOCTSECT is simply a label that is commited to releasing just damn good innovative music.

- what do u think about todays rapidly growth of experimental electronic scene. spreading styles, fussions, diy cdr labels... u r also included in all that aspects of the scene it self

Some of it makes me very pleased while other parts make think that we should all just move on to bigger and better things. But all-in-all.... I'm glad things are finally moving ahead stylisticaly. The more hybird styles out there the better music becomes in my opinion. It's nice to see people exploring the unusual and finding an interest in things beyond their usual scope of perception and nominal interests.