[labels: pale_mother, synthetic waste; projects: monobond, kloroform, nhile, ellis one]

www.mindwerk.dk/pale_mother, www.syntheticwaste.tk

1. first tell us something about u

Vomitus: Dont know what to say really...Well, I am a former drug addict..started smoking hash. Soon I was on lsd, mushrooms, morphine, varioues pills like tranquilizers and sleeping pills. Basically, I was high on lsd from 1995 to 2001 almost every day. Then I supplied it with morphine and other sorts of opiates. I am clean now, however. I have seen too many friends die or fuck up, so I quit. Didn't really see any point to all this self destruction. Now I only smoke some weed from time to time. But actually that heavy drug abuse I once had really inspired me alot in the process of music making. Not that I say that it was good music that came out of it, but it was music, and we all have to develope ourselves from point zero to now. Anyway I did. Drugs isn't a part of my music anymore, at least not in the creation and performance - but maybe sometimes in the contents of my music. Without the drug experience, maybe I wouldn't make the music I do today, but who knows....

2. and how did u start yr two labels

Vomitus: It all started back in 1997 when composing mhy debut-album for s.t.a.r.b. -dark eletro industrial. I just kept recording albums and demos, sending them to alot of labels, always getting the same negative respons (or nohting at all)...Well, I might should have listened to the labels, they don't decline for just any reason. Maybe my music really WAS AWFUL!! Ha ha. I started Mindwerk Records together with school friend, Orpheus. The whole story is really long and complex, and I had very serious drug and mental problems at the time. Sorry, I just hate talking about it, not being abnoxious or anything...But you can check www.mindwerk.dk and www.mindwerk.dk/pale_mother to see what it all ended up with.

3. what differs your two labels. what sound treats mindwerk and what its sublabel pale_mother. exactly what initiate u to start new label
Vomitus: Well, Mindwerk Records is basically industrial and ebm. Not any fuzz about that. pale_mother is mostly noise, but also other experimemtal genres are represented by pale_mother and also artists from other countries are featured. I started pale_mother recorings the day after I recorded the first session with Kloroform....When I started the tape which the session was recorded to, I just couldn't imagine releasing this on Mindwerk. Earlier, EVERYTHING was released on Mindwerk. NhILE, my first noise project ever, I released a tape (c60) and a cd-r on Mindwerk many years ago. Now, unobtainable recordings. So I started pale_mother. In the beginning and even the first year in the life of pale_mother, NOTHING happended. I released a few things, but I most certainly didnt have any customers...NO traffic on my website, which by the way was quite ugly. pale_mother have had about 3-4 different designs the past years. But now, both Mindwerk and pale_mother has grown a bit, and I am really delighted - this is, somehow, my dream come true.

4. u r member in more projects and u work under diferent names alone. number them and what sound do u cover with them

Vomitus: Yeah thats right, I work under several aliases. Here is a list
Ö'dem: fragile industrial electronics (released on mindwerk records)
s.t.a.r.b.: dark industrial -now terminated (released on mindwerk records)
herz_infarkt: death-industrial -now terminated (released on mindwerk records)
Kloroform: harsh noise and power electronics -now terminated (pale_mother)
Ellis One: power noise, cut-up noise, power electronics (pale_mother)
monobond: glitch, minimal, click 'n' cut, minimal noise (pale_mother)
NhILE: abstract glitchy electronics (pale_mother)

5. i find your latest project monobond like very inteersting. it follows latest contemporary music genres like glitch and microsound. what is yr opinion about that styles and what do u think about minimalism in such kind of music. are u familiar with them

Vomitus: I have recorded 3 albums with monobond; "Terrón Repath" (7" vinyl), "thitles" (3" cd-r), "Atom Infant" (full length cd-r). The first release, "Terrón Repath", was very minimalistic noise-soundscapes generated using the aspects of granular synthesis. "Thitles" was also very minimalistic noise, this time generated by a computer-robot operating software synthesizers in realtime. The 3 tracks was all recorded live and edited, produced, and mastered later. Then the most recent release, "Atom Infant" is more in the microsound genre. The first track by monobond featured in this particular genre, was made for the microsound BufferFuct project by Kim Cascone. The track is called "Voice Pool". Making this track really opened up a whole different world for me. On "Atom,Infant" I used very experimental sound-generating software, eventually sequencing all these clicks, "glitches", weird cuts, and various noiseforms, live and recording it at the same time. Only "real" instruments is analog drummachines. There were no post-production on any tracks on "Atom Infant" - They haven't even been under mastering. The way they sound when you listen, is the way they sounded when being recorded. I like this genre alot, but I dont like the aspect that some of the music contained in this genre (microsound) mostly is conceived by rendering formulas and that math plays a bi role in it. Not that THAT is wrong, but it seems that when these elements are present, the music isn't listened to, it's being analyzed and the more complex a formula is, the more complex music is derived and thats where the focus is put...Not on the music but on the builing blocks. When the music is complex it automatically becomes interesting. Doesn't have to be good music, just as long as it has been complex building, the music is "good". That bothers me alot.

6. what can u tell about dutch music scene. denmark is small country but there are many small underground projects, band and labels and from other side their quality is on very high level. manual, opiate, limp... april records, hobby ind, pale_mother... many noise and industrial projects...

Vomitus: I dont know much of the Dutch music scene, I'm sorry. I know, Frans de Waard at Staalplaat and some of his work - I think he did something under the name Goem...cant remember. But the releases of Staalplaat is very interesting indeed. I dont know all of it, but some. I know of some diy noise-labels in Denmark. KFI Records releasing Kummerlige Forhold, Wäldchengarten, Soviet Subliminal Seduction. They used to have a noise-club in Aalborg, Denmark called "Aalborg NoiseJihad" where alot of big noise-terrorists have played live - pretty cool stuff, indeed. Another noise label from Denmark is Insomnia Recordings who operates in Hvidovre, Denmark. There are alot of other experimental acts in Denmark that isn't noise. Like Per Hřier who is a laptop composer. But he's more than just an operator of a laptop...he had also worked for Koblo as a programmer of sound applications. He is respected in the underground aswell as Goodiepal, also a Danish experimental artist. Goodiepal has released on several record labels such as Skipp Records and Mixer. Also V/VM Test records released a 7" with Goddiepal under the alias, Manipal Inverted. Must admit that I haven't heard that particular release, but I have some of Goodiepal's 7" in my private collection. The music of Goodiepal is very hard to define, but it's in any ways very experimental.

7. u r playing live offten. how are developing your concet activities... you have mentioned some future plans for concerts

Vomitus: I have only played live with Ö'dem once, and that's actually about a year ago. It was at "Electrocution", MusikCaféen, Aarhus, Denmark. Then I have appeared as Ellis One live, also only one time. (18th April, 2002 - Live at Café Capri, Aarhus, Denmark) Tour dates next spring with Ellis One is being planned now, but there're no details yet. I have played live in alot of other projects from time to time. Always with ABN-PAN and LMJ. They are longtime-friends..we've known eachother for 11 years or so...always playing together. We played live at Folkets Hus, Struer, Denmark in 1998 as "The Electronic Blowtwins" -some kind of very horrific and chaotic noise. We all ended up in hospital with heavy drug overdoses...not something I like to remember. To mention some more live events, "Central Nerve System" or short, "CNS" which was a metal/plastic percussive noise-act featuring Vomitus (me), LMJ, and ABN-PAN. We played live in 1995. I have also appeared as synth-player on several "Dead State 81" concerts, though I am not in the band, only a live-member. In 1994 we played as "Shit" alot of times. That was punk rock - quite funny to play punk rock in these small Danish cities...But all in all, we have numerous projects together, and heck alot individual too....these a just a few live experiences.

8. what do u use in cerating your music and how looks one of your creative processes and how live acts

Vomitus: It's very different what I use from project to project and from album to album. In "Ö'dem", recording "Monochrome" (released by Mindwerk Records) I used various analog and digital synths, live drums aswell as programmed drums, bass and guitars, sampling, and sevaral software synths too. Recording "Monobond", I think I have described that above in another question somewhere. But playing live with Ö'dem, I operate a synth, a vocoder, and electronic drums, LMJ playes analog synths. However that was the old line-up for Ö'dem Live, in the new line-up, I play synth and vocoder, ABN-PAN plays live drums and controls live-samples. The remaining audio is played by a cd-player. That was one method. But in Ellis One (that's only me on stage), I use an analog drummachine as the only instrument. In addition I use contact microphones, transistor radio, dictaphone, tape echo, analog delay machines, analog filters, distortion pedals and various other effects.

9. how namy released do u have by now with yr projects and how many have u released by now on yr labels.. u can name a few

Vomitus: I must admit that I dont know how many releases, because alot of them was unofficial releases and not actual releases. I think I have released about 60 albums/demos/promos/whatever on Mindwerk Records since 1997 - and that's just my own releases. I have somehow lost track of my releases on Mindwerk and pale_mother...And I don't even have most the music on these old recordings anymore..Orpheus who is the manager of Mindwerk Records has all of them, I think.

10. following your hyperproductive project and label activities i can easily foresee that you will do something more in near future. do u have some future plans about yr carrier

Vomitus: I take one day at the time...I don't have plans, I have dreams. I cannot plan anything because I don't know if it's ever going to happend and I hate to be disapointed. So, I just dream and hope.