sebastian redenz
[owner of net labels thinner and autoplate],

1. what initiate u to start label?
having my roots in the module scene, up to spring 2001 i was a techno addicted nerd, liking the output of adam beyer, marco carola, gaetano parisio and those djs most. i then figured out that the sound didnt develop anymore, so i became bored pretty much within short months. luckily ive bought a record in london in autumn 2000 which made my interest for this new and different kind of music going stronger each time i listened to it i became more and more bored of usual tooltechno... it was kit claytons "nek sanalet" album on ~scape which inspired me to talk to thomas jaldemark, who run the module label "thinner" at this point of time. he was same with my thoughts, so he decided to close module "thinner" (it made 50 releases in .xm format!) to open it for something new the demoscene hasnt seen at this point of time.
2. and why net label?
simply for the fact that i had all my friends from internet in irc, especially in the channel #trax which is a channel completly dedicated to module music. one of my closest friends is ronny pries, who maintains the netlabel  ... seeing his administration work for the label made me willed to run a label again, since i had a short intermezzo with an anonymous netlabel called "rohkost". i wanted to put up something serious in which the quality aspect sets new standards in sound and releasepolicy, so that the frontier to a vinyllabel is as short as nowhere else (therefore the 192kbps premise which 95% of our released tracks keep, and the standard to release at leat 2 tracks for one release). since i felt still unexperienced about everything i wanted to have a partner in crime, so thomas jaldemark was up on it from the very first second too. if us would have had the money it needs to build a vinyllabel we would have done it, but we think being a netlabel is a very fine distribution for fresh and unknown artists either.
3. what impress me in thinner music is diference between sound of artists but they also have something common. and all they share enorm quality in sound. thinner treats diferent sounds in contemporay electronic music. it has releases from dupond and curse that are more harder tech house through rktic that it is more chill and ambient oriented to neurotron that is complitely pure techhouse. also blamstrain is totaly diferent from dolby and both from digiatlverein. but they all have one common ground. dub sound is what connects them in all that variations. what do u think about that contemporay interpretation of dub this days?
meanwhile it seems to me like all possible streams of dub exploration within the 4/4 beat have been done yet. as you said our artists are so different in sound, but still connected through the dubs. for us its important not only to make ordinary dubhouse, like so many artists do now, but more that every artist who releases on thinner combines dub with his own unique style ... like blamstrains sound is more ambient dub, while i'd call digitalvereins dubs to be romantic; dolbys dubs are more uplifting, rktics more chilly and benfays style is more banging detroity, so i think we have on thinner all good interpretations of dubtech/dubhouse. we wont go the vocal dubhouse direction, like luomo, hakan libdo (data80) or m.r.i now do, thinner has its very own sound established.
4. what do think about chain reaction, basic channel, force inc. labels and what connects thinner with them?
no matter what, chain reaction and basic channel are the most inspiring sources for our sound. its unbelivable how fresh they still sound today, since their releases are soon 10 years old! i guess all thinner artists have followed their releases.
5. do u know worship recordings?
6. whats the idea behind new sublabel autoplate
ive received many good idm/iem demos through thinner, which i liked, but didnt think they would fit on thinner, so i decided to open autoplate as platform for music designed for headphones. so far there're 4 releases out, expect very good releases to comeup in the near future.
7. you have your own tracks on thinner and autoplate, on compilation releases (thinnerism02 and bauhaus comp.). what is your music background and r u making music more serious?
im full of ideas, but cant work them out since i havent got a good audio setup. i think field recordings are fascinating, id like to compose a kind of collage out of either sounds of nature combined with sounds you find in daily life. id need a good minidisc recorder and a plan how to assemble all the stuff. ohwell. i should buy the minidisc one day, i guess i will soon. since the day has just 24 hours im busy with organizing thinner and autoplate besides leading my reallife. if i would wanted to do music on my own i'd do it seriously, and not just 1-2 hours/day which my current schedule allows only. when i will be visiting benfay in switzerland somewhen in the next time we planned to do some tracks.
8. and r u planing to release a full lenth on thinner or maybe autoplate?
there're no plans yet since there're no tracks :) the thinner and autoplate tracks were my works from whole 2001.
9. name some bands/projects that u r listening and what r u listening this period mostly
taavi tulev - tba (autoplate)
heath yonaites - where (cdr)
sender berlin - gestern heute morgen (tresor)
dennis de santis - clock wise (k2o)
nulleins - tba (thinner)
10. r u recieving demos or r u searching projects that u r releasing. hows going that proccess
i stopped searching for artists since the thinner collective is pretty productive. if theres a very good release being released i "order" remixes from the crew,
and that works out ... for rktic i collected 11 remixes, for digitalverein even 25. thats on the one hand, on the other i get demos submitted through our
contact form on the homepages. also im pretty awake, if i listen to some cuts from a good artist coincidentally i dont hesitate to ask for some tracks for thinner :)
11. what do u think about mp3 as a format and whats your attitude about new technologies
without mp3 thinner and autoplate wouldnt exist. im confident for new technologies and hope, through "final scratch", netlabels will get more attention and their releases get  played regularly in the sets of the djs with the big names :)
thinner coming up:                                                     autoplate coming up:
thn017 digitalverein remixes (07/02)                           apl005 undacova vs affective disorder - study of a ladybug hangin on a rope (07/02)
thn018 digitalverein variations (07/02)                         apl006 constructions for andrey kiritchenko (08/02)
thn019 neurotron - the light of other days (08/02)        apl007 taavi tulev - tba (08/02
thn020 nulleins - tba (08/02)                                       apl008 heath yonaites - tba (09/02)
please send demos to: