philippe petit
[owner of bip-hop]

1. most banal question... your bio...
I started doing fanzines and radio in the mid eighties. In the early nineties I launched the label Pandemonium Rdz. to document Noïz, Post-HC, Experimental musics... The definition of the term Pandemonium is : "A wild state of noise and disorder". Which was a pretty good definition for the kind of music I started to release. It evolved closer to beautiful ambiences, instrumental/"cinematic" sonorities ... Twisted, odd but enthralling and melodious at the same time. A parallel music for perpendicular feelings  Over the years, the purpose was to promote bands I enjoy and give to the music I love some of the recognition it deserves. 41 records came out on Pandemonium and its Erase –yer- Head split single club.
2. i saw that u worked  with another label. what initiate u to start another...
The basic idea is still to share the music i like with as many people as possible, help talented musicians to express their talent, their art. Motivations are the same, music is very much based upon ambiences, experimenting new forms of creation but instead of being played acoustically it is done through electronics.
I had done some electronic on Pandemonium : the only album free-jazz gurus Alboth! ever composed using computers, Spaceheads, Hint, Andy’s Car Crash so I could have kept the name and focus the direction only.
But I wanted to start it all again from the beginning, to break the daily routine of a label which has been in operation for quite a while, to start working with different partners in distribution, different creators, a different scene… I needed to rejuvenate and get that excitement one gets when one start a new experience.
3. what is your criterion for choosing bands for signing...
Quality, talent, activity. They are people I respect, who have been developping good music for a while, dare I say mature people that i can share experience with.
4. how did u choose this name for a label and what it means...
Bip is the noise done by electronic devices when they call us human beings
5. u have a radio program, whats the concept
Basically the same idea, to spread the word on music i like. I also book live events in marseille every month to help develop that independant/uncommercial electronica culture.
6. how will u describe the sound of your label
I hope it isn’t easy, because i do not wish that my label be associated to only one sound. I do not want to be pigeon holed, and that the audience knew what to expect when they see a BiP_HOp record. The common points are that electronic is used and present in the way of composing/creating the sounds, it could be called new electronica, ambient, soundscapes, cinematica, IDM, experimental, whatever but each record are different one from another. I hope to document electronica that is challenging the ears and the mind.
7.  what do u understand under microsound
minimal, silent, environmental experimental music… The “less is more” definition is in the name.
8. your label cares much about design of releases. what is your opinion about fusion between music and design
It is very important for me to propose honest prices, good quality & beautifully packaged music which pay justice to well designed music. 
9.  your influence/listening
tons of bands have been important for me in the past 25 years, so I’ll try to name a few and for sure will forget to mention some… Kraftwerk, Suicide, Cramps, Black Flag, Joy Division, Cynics, Bauhaus, Cabaret Voltaire, Autechre, early Oval, Crass, Pharoah Sanders, Minor Threat, PanSonic, Naked City, Jam, John Coltrane, Ramones, Boney M, Damned, Fernandel, Kim Fowley, Sonic Youth, Ground Zero, Boredoms, Kas Product, Big Black, Metal Urbain, Tuxedomoon, Swamp Rats, P.I.L., Dracula cha cha cha, Pierre Henry, early Madonna, X-Ray Specs, Velvet Underground, Alice Donut, Steve Reich, Birthday Party, Radio Birdman, Mono Men, Scientists, Gun Club, Killing Joke, Turbonegro, Bjork, Dead Kennedys… The list could go on…
10. 12K is on your top label list, why. and what about the others
12K, (Kraak)3, Carpark, F?llt, Staugbold, Diskono, Rune Gramophon, Lucky Kitchen, Morr Music are labels which pay attention to both packaging and issuing interesting music, they are not running a business but expressing their passion and issued some good records in 2001. This is why I had them in my top labels list, people need to know them. I feel close to the way they work.
11. you had putted  albums in chronological order, can u pick one witch will  take 1st position
No, it would change everyday, depending on my mood, and i hate classifications
12. on bip-hop generations u have artists that r not officialy on your label, why u put artists from other labels on compilations that have to present the label, and labels sound
please do not misunderstand my work, my goal is not to rappresent the sound of the label. I’m more ambitious, in a good way, as I started with a desire to create an international document of today's creative forms of Electronica, an anthology of the state of modern electronic art and sound design. My label was nothing and could only exist because of these talented sound assemblers, so they aren’t presenting the label, on the contrary i hope that BiP_HOp could help them to receive more recognition.
13. whats going on in france with experimental music
Experimental music is a term that encompasses too many genres, styles so I won’t be able to reply extensively, there are a lot of free-Jazz, improv., noisy rock, deviant pop and electronica. It is the same all over the world, lotsa people play music but there are few avenues for them to present it.
Philippe Petit, manager of the french based record label Bip Hop Label selects his top labels / albums for 2001:
top labels :
Rune Gramophon
Lucky Kitchen
Active Suspension
Morr Music
top single-only labels :
Bottrop Boy
top albums (in chronological order from most recent to older one) :
To Rococo Rot : Kolner breit (Staugbold)
Ghislain Poirier : il n'y a pas de sud (12K)
Oren Ambarchi : suspension (Touch)
Takagi Masakatsu : pia (Carpark)
Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers : heroin (Bronbron)
Phonem : ilisu (Morr)
Fennesz : endless summer (Mego)
Electric Birds : panorama (Deluxe)
the 24 mini CD series "Invallid Objects" (Fдllt)
Twine : circulation (Komplott)
Stephan Mathieu : frequency lib (Mille Plateaux)
Ovil Bianca : gravity = love (Kraak3)
Mitchell Akiyama : hope that lines don't cross (Substractif)
Marumari : supermogadon (Carpark)
Vert : 9 types of ambiguity (Sonig)
Manual : until tomorrow (Morr Music)
Komet : rausch (12K)
Jan Jelinek : loop finding-jazz records (~Scape)
Oleg Kostrow : the great flashing tracks from ivona (Stora)
Mokira : clip-hop (Raster-Noton)
Jurgen De Blonde : hidden rabbit (Tomlab)
Process : shape-space (Fatcat)
Shuttle 358 : frame (12K )
Pimmon : assembler (Fallt)
Mikael Stavostrand : lite (Mitek)
KPT Michigan : hey love (Kraak3)
+ every BiP_HOp (obviously I have been listening to them heavily...)