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I guess it's obvious that you (Limp) are inspired by the Chicago post rock scene – Tortoise, Sea & Cake, Thrill Jockey… How much do you see the band Limp as one of those not so known Tortoise-related bands like Pele, Dianogah and Euphone?

I guess we are inspired by that scene in some way, but not in any direct way – at least not anymore. There are a lot of bands out there who are part of that ‘sound’ somehow and I think that the Limp sound is more original than most of those bands. But I definately think that fans of those bands you mentioned would like the Limp album.

The sound on the album Orion is pretty much lo-fi. Lo fi post rock meets lo fi electronics – do you think this explains the sound? Do you think the sound generally should be enclosed in genres?

Genres can be good to have but I think that all good music somehow transcends those terms of genre being set by the press. I think we have a bunch of elements that explains the sound, and the ‘lo-fi’ aspect is definately one of them – maybe because everything is recorded in my basement using old microphones and stuff like that. I think we have elements in our sound from a lot of styles: from 80ies bands such as The Cure up to modern electronica such as Autechre and the whole Schematic/Warp sound. Genres are good for the people buying records – specially for those people living in such places as Denmark and Macedonia…he-he. I mean, we have to order the stuff by mailorder anyway so sometimes genres made up by journalists is a way of knowing what to order.

I read that Limp has been a support band for Sea and Cake, Trans Am, Do Make Say Think… on their concerts. How much that was influential for you, for the band and for you (Manual) individualy?

Actually I wouldn’t say it has had an influence on the way we make music.
Except the fact that we like those bands on somehow feel connected to the same mentality.

I never paid much attention to the lyrics – for me it’s just something that’s there melting perfectly with the music. Instead of analyzing every single word I like to keep some sort of distance to what is being told – I found this on one site, it's a part from an interview with you. i agree with what you say, and i guess that can be said about Sea & Cake music, their lyrics are so transparent. Anyway, it's cool that there are no lyrics in Limp music, the sound is enough.

I think that was part of an interview about Talk Talk I did – you know, the old 1980ies group. That stuff is completely amazing. I am really a big fan of the childish way of listening to music – I am not interested in bands with lyrics about politics or the conflicts of love or something like that. I think it’s fine that people want to say their opinion about things but for me that just isn’t music – I see music as a natural thing and I like when people use the vocals as an instrument on the same level as for instance a guitar. We (Limp) just recorded a cover version of a Slowdive track (you know the old shoegazer band) and we had a girl singing on the track. When I mixed the vocals in my sampler I just completely messed the vocals up and you couldn’t hear what she was singing – only her voice itself, and it sounds completely beautiful. The track is gonna be on the next Morr compilation.

This things about the vocals in music that you are saying reminded me of Mogwai and how they use vocals in some songs.

That’s pretty much the idea. I haven’t listened to Mogwai for years – they got a bit boring I think. Someone like My Bloody Valentine also used lyrics as a very ‘human’ instrument. I like when I don’t have a clue about what people are singing – it’s like when you are a child and you can’t understand what is being said in a simple pop song or whatever – it gives the music an almost ‘magic’ quality.

What do you think about Dave Pajo's music? Do you like Aerial M and Papa M releases? I think one of the greatest things in his music is the balance in the songs, the balance of the different parts of the song and the balance between the structure, emotion, and all different layers in the song…

A lot of people say that my way of playing guitar reminds them of Dave Pajo’s way of playing, but to be honest I’m not a huge fan of his music as Papa M and Aerial M. I like his guitar-style but I think his compositions are too boring. When you mention elements such as the balance in the songs, the balance of the different parts, structure, emotion and layers – that’s excactly the stuff that is important for all my songs (both for Limp and Manual). I see myself mostly as a composer and I try to obtain some unique structures everytime I write a song. I think that the qualities you mentioned are some of the greatest things about all music.

Is Orion the first Limp release?

Yes. We have done demos for a lot of years and we have had lots of plans about releasing records with different labels but it didn’t happen until we came to Morr Music. We have played together for almost 10 years so finally there is a record on the street.

But i think you have 20 years now. So, you've started playing music around 10?

Yep, that’s right. I’m 20, jakob is 21 and Jess and Rasmus are 22 now. We have played together since we were small kids. We have been making demos for 7 years or something.

What are the instruments in the band: guitar, drums, bass + electronics? Is that all?

Guitars, drums, bass and 4 synthesizers, a sampler, electronic drum pads, and a bunch of sequenzers.

Tell me something about the influences! (favourite bands, albums…)

Ok here is a list of stuff that I’m into at the moment and some things that have been an influence on Orion:

Talk Talk: Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock
Autechre: Chiastic Slide + all their other stuff as well
Brian Eno: Music for Airports, Apollo, On Land etc– I’m a huge Eno fan.
Tortoise: tnt – this record changed things for us a bit
The Cure: most of their stuff
My Bloody Valentine: Loveless
David Sylvian: Gone to Earth, Rain Tree Crow

At the moment I am really into the american label called Hefty records. They have some really good records with artists like Telefon Tel Aviv, Beneath Autumn Sky, Slicker, Savath and Savalas. Also Schematic Records and of course City Centre and Morr.

Are all members of Limp from Denmark?
And how does the music scene there (Denmark, Odense) look like? Are there any other interesting unknown artists, labels?

All the members of Limp live in Odense – actually we all live in the same neighbourhood right next to each other. We have been best friends for a lot of years. The music scene is really bad here (as you may know Odense is not the capital of Denmark). We are trying to create a music scene in Odense: we have a weekly radio-show where we play all the music that people don’t know and we have an event each month where we present electronic music, mostly really small artists and dj’s that we know.
The rock scene in Denmark is really shitty – you know; people doing albums that sound like Pearl Jam and old Radiohead and stuff like that.
But the electronic scene is really good. For example there is the Hobby Industries label where I released my first album as Manual. It’s owned by Thomas Knak (Opiate, Future 3, Björk) and he puts out some really interesting stuff. Go to:
There is a new internet label called Datamusik – where you will find mp3 only releases with a bunch of stuff. Both Jakob (Syntaks) and Rasmus (Aerosol) – both from Limp- have released on that page.

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