[phthalo and acid fake artist]

1. your music can definitely be described as cut & paste. can you explain in more detail about this term and what it means in regards to your music?

I like the idea of things being cut out and re-applied someplace else. Little bits and pieces, taken from one place and used in another. This is why I use samples in addition to my own sounds. Some people seem to hate samples,
others seem to use them almost too much but I think they are useful. I think
it is how people use the samples and make them their own, even though it's somebody else's sound technically. This is the big debate with samples, of course.. how much can you use samples? Is sampling just stealing? Is it art at all? Etc. etc. etc., I guess I could debate about that? But it would be pretty dull for me to type it all out for everyone.. so I won't do that!

2. you are using a lot of equipment to create your music; some weird and old stuff.

Yeah, I use mostly things I got very cheaply or at least at great discounts!
I never was interested in naming all my equipment or trying to keep updated with the latest and best equipment. I'll use almost anything, really. A lot< of sound editing happens on my laptop because I have a lot of time at a night job I work to sit and stare at it, I'm not sure what I'll do when I quit that job, though, hopefully I will have as much patience to sit at my computer, I may not though and I may go back to just doing audio with my non-computer equipment. I love and hate doing music on the computer: I love having lots of control, but I hate feeling like I'm following everyone else using laptops or being called a "laptop musician". I'll never stand behind a laptop live, unless that's some new form of capital punishment?

3. explain your creative process

A good way to re-create my creative process is to lock yourself away for 8 hours, take some prescription and non-prescription drugs (or not, but it helps), watch old foreign films from the 70's and 80's, and take one pattern/sketch of music and add to it millions of different sounds and hours of snipping and listening. Some tracks have taken up to 2 years to make. I'll do some songs and then put them away for awhile and drag them back up again. It's all about recycling.

4. what do you think of the term –glitch- in witch i would globaly put your music and how would you characterize your music anyway..?

Hmm.. I think "Glitch" has been stolen by music critics as the way to categorize stuff like Pan Sonic and stuff on Ritornell/Mille Plateux, etc. I really don't have anything to do with that stuff, really. Some of it is nice.
I think it's a nice word, but it's been ruined by critics. I would call my stuff glitchy, the real meaning of the word, for sure!

5. How did you contact phthalo the label that released your ep "i never fall apart because i never fall together" and what do you think about them and their sound.

Many years ago I did a small fanzine that reported about underground music (mostly harder-techno, weird sounds, etc.) and I interviewed Dimitri from Phthalo and I have just kept in touch with him for a long time. It's funny, I sent out a lot of demo CD's with no luck, but Dimitri came out of nowhere and asked if I wanted to release on his label. I love his label a lot! I think it doesn't get the coverage it should, really. There's so many excellent acts on the label and he's a superb label boss. He does it completely form his heart.

6. what are your influences for your music, direct and indirect?
that means what do u listen and influence yr music in that indirect way, than  what do u use in yr music and what yr music looks like direct influence

I truly listen to a million different things, form all over the map. Noise & Grindcore &  Punk & Dancehall & moody Soundtracks & Pop songs...   I go all over the place and sometimes it's hard for me to imagine just listening to one genre or style. I couldn't imagine that!!!!! I let many things influence me, in ways that are hard to explain. I think I try to recreate certain feelings I've felt through different music and see if I can get the same kind of feeling. Sometimes I get an idea of things to avoid too.

7. the cover of your album has many ecological messages on it. what's your attitude about the situation on the globe today, especially today when there is so much contrast between technology and nature?

This is such a huge issue, no? My main problem is with human's attitudes towards using items these days. Any kind of item. Most 21st century humans have a very throw-away mentality. They use something once and throw it away and they think they never have to deal with it again. People throw out completely usable items all the time and usually don't realise how much they can use & re-use so many things in their lives.  I would say this is a major issue that goes beyond just regular recycling.
8. your orientation is more european than american. I really like american pragmatism as a theory and normally as a practice but only if it is realised properly here thinking about that it is degradated and that american society is functioning artificially. whats your attitude about that question as american?

America is pragmatic, that's for sure. Sadly, I think we've taken our practicality and combined it rather sloppily with capitalism and now pollute the world with half-baked ideas. We're very easy targets for a lot of people because there are people who, sadly, live the American stereotype of empty heads & greedy hands. There are lots of deadbeat little kids running around adding to a sub-race of the hopeless & needy. Then there are those kids who are already communicating with other planets, you know. To explain it all would take about a day, probably! But many things operate artificially, definitely.