belgradeyard sound system

1. what is exactly belgradeyard sound system and what is their intention

belgradeyard sound system is many things at the same time, which is sometimes a bit confusing for most of the people. it started up as a radio show at radio b2-92, as it was known at that time, just after the end of the nato bombing. after a while, we also started djing in clubs, often accompanying cool local bands, or just making our own freestyle mixture. as more time passed, we became even more active, started up our web page - - which runs as a big source of information on contempoprary music of all kinds, and at the same time hosts text versions of the interviews done for the radio show and information about our local and international activities. there is also a weekly mailing list with more or less the same conception. soon after, we started working as promoters, doing parties and concerts at various locations in belgrade, sometimes as a part of larger cutural events or festivals.

2. who is in bbys

bgyss is basically only 2 people, with an extended crew of technical support for larger projects. goran simonoski (27) and relja bobic (22) are the djs who started the whole story and continue to expand it without changing the initial concept - "don't give poeple what they want, give 'em what they need".

3. what is your function there

we mentioned the things we do, and we can only say what is our idea of our function. the auduence should judge it, really. so, pushing quality, non-commercial music of all kinds and presenting it to people in every possible way. just making people realize that they should be very open, not only when music is concerned, but presenting this idea mainly through musical activities. also, we serve as kinfd of information port for anyone interested, as we have very good insight to many different scenes worldwide. in the end, just to make people relax and show them that they can dance and have fun at a party where dj plays 20 different music styles in the course of 4 or 5 hours...

4. tell us more about bbys radio programs. are they on one exzact radio station or on more diferent as i think

the radio program is broadcasted weekly, every tuesday night/wednesday morning 00-02 AM. it is a 2-hour live show, with vocal announcements. it is half way between a continuous mix of songs and a more conventional presentation of tracks. it is broadcasted at radio b92 in belgrade (streaming at, but also re-broadcasted in several more cities in serbia, bosnia, croatia...
once a month we also do "special" shows dedicated to a certain label or perfomer, always accompanied by a telephone interview with the person. also, once a month we play an exlcusive guest mix by some of our favourite djs from abroad. the non-special shows are just selections of the tracks we like, without any time or genre limitations, so you in 2 hours you can hear everything from afro-jazz, dub, breakcore, electroacoustics, hardcore, minimal electronica to field recordings and undergound hip-hop...

5. u have already started to make music under name bbys and have released one remix on klangkreig productionen compilation american btreakbeat rebuilt. tell us something more about that. how did u contacted klangkreig

we were playing the klangkrieg stuff in our show and were then asked by the label boss cristopher wrinkler if we knew anybody from the regin who could do a remix for the american breakbeat rebuilt compilation. we decided to use the opportunity to start producing. so, funny enough, the first bgyss production ever done was immideately released! also, it is importaint to mention that only goran is involved in producing, while relja still djs and works more with the event organization, booking, promotion etc. we are know singed to cosmic.sound label from london ( with a full length album coming out in 2003.

6. u are also organizing parties as byss bringing cool dj from labels as leaf, ~scape. r people in belgrade interested in such happenings

we do it as much as we can, but it is very hard financially, as we are very far from the mainstream interests of the local audience. first we have to make people trust us that the events that we do are really good, and as we do many different things, we don't have a lot of "fans" here. people who visit our parties come from very different backgrounds and musical interests. up till now, we brought the following people to belgrade: sofa surfers, jazanova, tony morley, four tet, manitoba, sutekh, pure, dj shuriken and rechenzentrum. some of the events were very succesful, with more than 600 visitors, but it is still too expencive for us to do such non-commercial stuff (for serbian conditions). that is why we plan to set up a festival dedicated to electronic music called dis-patch this ocotber, with people like tarwater, laub, agf, murcof, manitoba, pita, rehberg&bauer, kevin drumm and more. if we make it, we plan to continue and make next year's festival even bigger and better.

7. how is developing club scene in belgrade and in whole yugoslavia

the club scene is quite developed, but at the same time it is very bad. only house, hard techno and tech-house can make it here, with people going to such parties several times a week. but for us, who are more interested in really quality dance music, there's not much to see apart from the things we do ourselves. which is sometimes really depressing. sometimes we would like not to get stressed about organizational details and just come to a good party and have fun.

8. how is situation now in yugoslavia after all that shit that happened in whole ex yu region and after the change of the yugoslav regime

the political situation is the same, only the politicians changed positions. economically, it is slightly better, but going very slow. we hope for better, but still don't expect much very soon.

9. what influence u. some non musical influences and some direct and indirect musical influences. something that yr music looks like and something that u r listening but can not be seen in yr work

so many. just everything open and with a strong, smart concept. we know that we don't like poeple who repeat themselves or look for easy ways of solving problems without really doing it. when we dj, you can literarly hear everything we stand for. of course, we won't play electroacoustic music in a dance club, but on the other side, goran's recent productions are completely orientated to acoustic jazz, although they are completely sample-based. we love free jazz of the mid-sixites, and also very abstract, minimal electronic music. on the other side, we just love hip-hop, but the kind of hip-hop that you can't find in all shops, i.e. really hardcore undeground stuff. the same goes with d'n'b - we like only the lo-fi, distorted stuff being released on labels such as ambush, praxis or zod. and so on.
outside the music, relja is very much into contemporary music history/critisism and also its relations to visual and other forms of art, with david toop's book "ocean of sound" (which he translated into serbian) being a real milestone some years ago. goran is lately becoming pretty much a software freak, and for years he is getting more and more into sound production as he has also been working for years at b92 as a sound engineer.

in the end, anything without a good sense of humor just won't please us!

10. some yr fav albums for this year


jel / ten seconds / mush
soul center / iii / novamute
sofa surfers / encounters / klein
takagi masakatsu / eating / karaoke kalk
boom bip & dose one / circle / mush / leaf label
asa-chang & junray / jun ray song / leaf label
various / gerdas groSe gruppe / klangkrieg
various / open source.code / source
murcof / martes / leaf label
sonic youth / murray street / geffen
various / cozmick suckers volume black and white / shitkatapult

and we are desirable waithing for next albums from following autors:
belgradeyard sound system (:)), susumu yokota, the bug, rechenzentrum, manitoba, four tet, boom bip...


horsepower productions / in fine style / tempa
el p / fantastic damage / company flow
sutekh / fall / orthlorng
panacea / underground superstardom / position chrome
electric birds / gradations / mille plateaux
alias / the other side of the looking glas / anticon
VA / sweet / kool pop

we r waithing for: dj vadim, fanky porcini, sole...


about future projects of byss i can mentioned their forthcoming festival - dis-patch festival that will cover live and dj acts of contemporary waves of music like mego, kitty-yo, leaf label, force-inc.