Chefkirk - 3"

The 3" '3"' was released by Samsa Records and is now sold out.

(CDR by Samsa Records)
Ah new material from a label or project I've heard before. I actually kind of dig this. Minimalist Crackling Noise with a lot of Deep Dark ambient moments going on here. The 1st track was a remix and threw me for a bit of a loop as it was a bit more glitchy then I was ready for. This seems to have a lot in common with another new label called Nothingness to me. Making minimalist Noise and Drone material. At times this as weird Computer sounds and bunch of static thrown in for good measure. This isn't something I'm going to listen to often but once an a while its will be a a much needed Change . I like to hear were this project goes from this point if there is ever a next step. Beauty & Pain Mag.

(CD3: Samsa Records)
At about eighteen minutes Chefkirk's 3 is a rugged noise adventure. The opening "Eyebase (Remix)" is a short-run frequency bend - like a hosefull of water over a dying battery. The scorching march of "8minois" takes time to cozy up to, but within five or so minutes you are forced to endure the terms of endearing rattle n' hum of it all. Unlike the recent (38-40cm) disc on Simple Logic, here this East Coast noise addict keeps the palette within 100 or so shades of grey, building a pretty dense and crumbly drone. His aesthetic has a very weather-beaten, motorized quality, more of industrial science than formal sound structure. But for all its concrete qualities, tracks like "U" just drain my energy nucleous, rendering me a bit jello-like. Chefkirk has captured the elements of wind and earth through a barbed wire fence and recontorted its natural properties by filtering out the good stuff. The second "Eyebase (Remix)" is the final and most animated track on 3 that starts off with tones that pliably twist and turn like a critter in a 70's 'B' horror flick, switch off to make some rambunctious noise and retreat into Its wash of recycled microns - Godzilla vs. Chefkirk in the battle of the sound barrier.
TJ Norris

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